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Saturday, 19 April 2014

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1. New Probiotic Bacteria for Global Poultry Industry
(International News/[ International News ])

Chr. Hansen is ready to launch probiotic feed additive that can prevent Necrotic enteritis in commercial poultry production. Necrotic enteritis (NE) is a serious condition where chickens loose the ability to digest nutrients from the feed with the ri...
Saturday, 27 October 2007 |  4775 hit(s) | (0 vote)

2. New ‘robotic’ poultry vaccinator
(International News/[ International News ])

 UK scientists are developing a new way to vaccinate chicks against the infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which continues to cost the UK poultry industry £23.6m a year in losses.The new method developed by scientists at the Saturday, 20 January 2007 |  3715 hit(s) | (0 vote)

3. New avian flu vaccine for poultry developed
(International News/[ International News ])

IN WHAT proves to be a significant step in developing a vaccine for poultry in the event of a bird flu outbreak, an Auburn University veterinary professor in collaboration with researchers at Vaxin Inc. of Birmingham has developed the first in ovo, o...
Thursday, 04 January 2007 |  2975 hit(s) | (0 vote)

4. N. Korea May Have Anti-Bird Flu Vaccine
(International News/[ International News ])

(Associated Press )North Korea has claimed it developed a poultry vaccine against the deadly H5N1 type of bird flu and is inoculating chickens as part of stepped-up efforts to prevent the disease following outbreaks in South Korea. "The producti...
Saturday, 16 December 2006 |  2848 hit(s) | (0 vote)

5. New guidelines for poultry vaccination
(International News/[ International News ])

The Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance has published new guidelines on the responsible use of vaccines and vaccination for poultry.   Launched by RUMA chairman Peter Allen at the “Healthy Animals - Safe Food” conference organi...
Saturday, 02 December 2006 |  3111 hit(s) | (0 vote)

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