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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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1. How safe is poultry meat
(General Information/General Information)

Poultry are domesticated birds that are bred specifically to provide meat and eggs for human consumption. They include fowl ducks, geese and turkeys. Fowl are the main source of meat and eggs for human consumption. 1. Broiler : Bred for poultry mea...
Thursday, 11 January 2007 |  4406 hit(s) | (0 vote)

2. Health Department Not Worried About A Burnt Turkey
(International News/[ International News ])

Saturday, November 18, 2006 - 12:00 PM Alisha Cruz MML News Reporter Sonora, CA-- The California Department of Health Services is reminding Mother Lode residents that burning the turkey shouldn't be the only food concern this Thanksgiving. Officia...
Tuesday, 21 November 2006 |  2900 hit(s) | (0 vote)

3. H5N1 strain could start wave of bird flu outbreaks
(International News/[ International News ])

By Tan Ee Lyn: HONG KONG (Reuters) - Scientists in Hong Kong and the United States have detected a new strain of H5N1 bird flu virus in China and warned it might have started another wave of outbreaks in poultry in Southeast Asia and move deeper into...
Tuesday, 31 October 2006 |  2630 hit(s) | (0 vote)

4. Human Bird Flu Infection Confirmed In Egypt
(International News/[ International News ])

A 39-year-old woman has H5N1 bird flu infection, according to Egypt's Ministry of Health. The last time a person became ill with bird flu in Egypt was in May, 2006. The woman comes from the Gharbiya governorate in the Nile Delta. On September 30th s...
Friday, 13 October 2006 |  2777 hit(s) | (0 vote)

5. Human antibiotic resistance is studied
(International News/[ International News ])

MARSHFIELD, WI, United States (UPI) -- U.S. researchers say they`ve determined the use of antibiotics as a livestock growth stimulator increases the risk of human antibiotic resistance.
Wednesday, 04 October 2006 |  2766 hit(s) | (0 vote)

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